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English camp and training
at Lake Balaton
for youngsters and teens

International English Camp
English-speaking mentors

- Operating for five weeks with in weekly sessions

- Three program types

- Pleasant learning environment 

A stress-free program in a truly holiday environment

to develop the child's communication and language skills

as they are immersed in an all day long English environment!

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Through physically active programs, childrens' insecurities and anxiety dissipate as they learn new words and phrases without even realizing.

These activities include international sports which are not often played in Hungary such as baseball, ultimate frisbee and cricket. 


Children can choose from three different camp types with recommendations according to their age and learning needs. 10-12 hours of English camp life per day is already provided in the base camp.

From morning to evening in English, stress-free, for usable knowledge

Full-day English-language programs in small groups led by non-Hungarian speaking youth.


From arrival, kids spend their days with their mentors. Our mentors are foreign students.   These youths provide a playful, easy atmosphere for the campers to activate their passive knowledge and strengthen their English skills.

High quality services, safety, five-star rating (Táborfigyelő.hu highest rating). Many years of experience, Canadian background.

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A real holiday, but in English

The essence of our method is to make use of an  everyday English environment provided by the foreign mentors who do not speak Hungarian. While we do not prohibit the use of the Hungarian language, the inhibitions dissolve on their own and the thirst for knowledge matures as the camp days pass by.  

Three types of camps, in four sessions (weeks)  

Special programs developed for age and level of knowledge, from the "we play all day long" method to the extensive academic English training.



We are looking for juniors and youth leaders to apply for the summer of 2023. More information about the conditions and the selection process here. 

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